The first six months on the job can be critical in determining whether a new employee will stay with the company. Best practices to support engagement and productivity of new employees include engaging them in the organization culture, assigning mentors, and providing training programs – some businesses begin this process prior to employees’ first day on the job.

Remember that an employee with a disability is just like any other employee; each has unique talents, working styles, and personalities. Don't assume that an employee needs extra on-boarding assistance. In fact, the majority of new employees with disabilities will not need any additional or specialized support during the on-boarding process. On occasion, however, a newly hired employee with a disability may need extra time to attain a specific proficiency level. If the individual needs additional external support and qualifies under state law, the state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency may be able to provide assistance such as on-site job coaching or additional skills training.

Successful on-boarding is all about communication. Make sure new employees feel welcome, comfortable expressing themselves, and knowledgeable about how to access any assistance if required. For additional information about on-boarding strategies, contact Untapped Arizona.