Employers in Arizona—including businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies—recognize that a diverse and inclusive workplace benefits everyone, and they are actively recruiting and hiring people with disabilities. Untapped Arizona assists businesses in meeting their workforce needs by providing tools and information to support their efforts to recruit, hire, and develop workers with disabilities.

Team of Volunteers working together at Bakery Workshop

Are you looking for work?

Untapped Arizona works with ARIZONA@WORK, the statewide workforce development network, to help you connect with employers who want a diverse and inclusive workforce that includes individuals with disabilities. Get started today at ARIZONA@WORK.

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Do you have questions about how getting a job may affect your health care or other disability benefits?

Arizona Disability Benefits 101 provides tools and information to help you understand how work and benefits go together, and how you can make work part of your personal plan. The website also connects you with other resources that can help you plan and prepare for going to work. Learn more at Arizona Disability Benefits 101.